International Unity Across Borders
Model United Nations Conference in Mostar 2016


Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda. -Thimun Foundation

MUNiM Model United Nations Conference hosted by the United World College in Mostar. The conference will take place February 18th through 21st, 2015, in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our conference seeks to extend the mission of United World College to promote peace and understanding through education, debate, and discussion. As such we warmly invite you to join us for a weekend filled with stimulating debate, exciting crisis committees, and thoughtful negotiation on the world's most pressing issues. In addition to the more academic experiences, we will also provide recreational and social events to promote a fun multicultural delegate experience where delegates from all over the world can meet.

This year’s conference will again take place in the beautiful historic city of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The historic town of Mostar developed in the 15th century as an Ottoman frontier town and is a city with a rich history and strong cultural diversity. Mostar is home to the Unesco World Heritage Old Bridge, Stari Most, and United World College, which hosts around 200 students from 60 countries of the world.

We are hard at work preparing our conference to ensure that the standard of this conference and our commitment to the delegates is of the highest quality. This year’s conference has a general theme “Unity across borders” promoting international collaboration and cooperation. This theme will be promoted in 4 different councils: Security Council, World Health Organization, World Trade Organization, and Human Rights. Each council will be run by specially trained student chairs that will help to shape the flow of the debate and provide useful insight and feedback for delegates. Each council will cover a multitude of topics related to the general theme and present day situations designed to test the delegates’ abilities to articulate arguments, expand their perspective on global affairs, and gain experience in negotiation and collaboration.

Schedule for MUNiM 2016: Schedule MUNiM 2016




Co-Founder and Senior Associate, Democratization Policy Council








Dear participants of MUNiM 2016,

The first time I heard about Model United Nations was ten years ago when I started to work at the UWC Mostar and when we organized our first conference. Now, I am more than happy to be able to welcome you all in the year of our 10th Anniversary of existence and also the 10th anniversary of the conference.

I have learned in these years, not only how the MUN works, but also numerous details on how the actual United Nations work. In previous conferences, I had opportunity to see the councils, discussions, excellent debates, and meet amazing people who even became friends. Each time I was amazed to see the maturity of young people in tackling the various global issues and burning topics.

At this moment the whole world is facing many challenges. Millions of people fled their homes due to conflict and economical reasons. Bloody conflicts are happening around the globe, and our planet is in great danger. I am confident, and in the light of the UWC mission, that you will use this conference to also reflect on inability of the world community to solve those problems. What needs to be changed? Can young people offer a different solution for decision making to UN?

My overall expectation from all of you is to offer solutions and come to resolutions that will be in light of humanity and common interests.

Welcome to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mostar and UWC Mostar!

Valentina Mindoljevic
Headmistress of United World College in Mostar


Dear participants of the MUNiM 2016,

As a UWC alumni member (AC 1974-76) it gives me great pleasure to be able to attend your conference as an invited guest. I believe the MUN simulation is a useful tool to prepare UWC students for what the founding fathers of the UWC network had in mind for them: to work as champions of peace.

We are living today in very troubled times in a world where we are more interdependent than ever. As the theme of the conference implies, clearly the only way to deal with the challenges facing mankind is by joining the forces and working united together across but also within borders.

I am sure that the conference participants – coming from different countries, cultures and religions – will demonstrate the power of collaboration without prejudice and I look forward to learning from and being inspired by your fresh and innovative ideas.

Timo Rajakangas
Ambassador of Finland to Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina


Dear UWC students and Model UN participants,

I am honored and grateful for the organizers’ invitation to speak at the opening of this year’s Model United Nations in Mostar. I look forward to having the opportunity to speak briefly with you all, perhaps making a small contribution to setting the tone for the event.

“Unity Across Borders” is a timely and worthy theme, not just for those of us who live in the Western Balkans, but worldwide. Transnational threats – and opportunities – affect every corner of the globe: climate change, migration, and terrorism are but a few of these. While the United Nations has numerous structural limitations which affect and impede its ability to address these international challenges, it remains the only body with (near) universal membership. A wider popular understanding of the dynamics of this 70-year-old organization can only improve its effectiveness – and the United Nations as an institution.

The Model UN offers participants a firsthand avenue to grasp these realities. Therefore, like UWC itself, it fosters informed global citizenship. That’s a commodity I wish was on greater display in my own country’s presidential election campaign!

I look forward to meeting you in February.


Kurt Bassuener
Co-Founder and Senior Associate, Democratization Policy Council
Sarajevo, BiH


Dear MUN enthusiasts,

My name is Ioanna Katsara and I will be your Director General for this year's MUNiM Conference.
Being a UWC student is probably the best preperation for MUN. We are all young delegates of our respected countries and we learn to hear and respect other opinions not only on big crises and conflicts of our world, but also on small everyday situations.
This is why UWC is so special to me and combining it with MUN, was one of the best experiences I ever had.
This year we chose councils and topics that ensure a heated debate and require skillful diplomats, but most of all ask for young people full of new ideas and desire for fruitful discussions in order to reach for a remarkable outcome. Because in the end, what will make our conference unforgettable is you.

I herewith officially welcome you to our 10th annual MUN conference starting on the 18th and ending on the 21st of February 2016. We have worked hard to make this conference special, for both our school and all external participants. This is why we would be very delighted if you would join us and became part of it.

I am looking forward to personally welcome you in February.

Ioanna Katsara
UWCiM student from Greece, Class of 2016


Dear all,

On behalf of the entire secretariat. I welcome you to the 10th annual Model United Nations conference in Mostar. Like every year we are proud to collaborate with the United World College in Mostar. Our school is confronting a time of many changes and we are meeting these changes during a time of larger national and global change. UWC provides the exciting opportunity to meet, learn, and have fun. We continue to do this by bringing inspired people together in forums like these, to ensure that UWCiM remains at the cutting edge.

In this year’s conference we are aiming to raise awareness towards all the issues found due to the non-collaboration between neighboring countries due to borders. And therefore withdrawing a theme to the conference that can be paraphrased in International “Unity Across Borders”.

In this year’s conference we are presenting 4 councils, that are going to be guided and supported by the MUN team in UWC Mostar. The participants can expect a delightful weekend, filled with diplomatic debates, joy in our social events, eminent guest speakers, and an amazing time in Mostar.

Our expectation for having a one of a kind conference won't be the same without your participation.

I welcome you all to MUNiM 2016.

Looking forward to see you in February.

Ahmad Yassir
UWCiM student from Lebanon, Class of 2016


Before registration, please go through the invitation letter, and this PDF containing important information first.

Schedule for MUNiM 2016: Schedule MUNiM 2016

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Security Council

General Assembly

World Health Organization

Human Rights Council

World Trade Organization


World Trade Organization

A Word From the Chairs

Dear Delegates,

It is our great honour and distinct pleasure to invite you to MUNiM 2016’s World Trade Organization, my name is Melisa Demirovic and I am 17 years old. I come from a small town in the middle of Bosnia and Herzegovina and I am a second year at the United World College in Mostar. My main interests subject­wise are Economics and Psychology, but I am planning to study Business in university, most probably in the United States. I have been a member of the MUN team for the past two years and I participated in 2 conferences in 2015: MUNiM and UWCRBC’s MUN in 2015 where I was awarded with the Best delegate award. Before coming to Mostar, I have been taking part in similar conferences like MUN, such as the Youth Parliament of my town and my canton. Outside my academic life, the one activity I enjoy the most is training handball. I will be leading this council together with my co­chair Ani Aghabekyan.

Melisa Demirovic
UWCiM Student from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Class of 2016

Dear Delegates,

My name is Ani, and first I would like to welcome all the delegates to World Trade Organization, which has been my favorite council throughout the two­year experience I have had in Model UN. I am 18 years old and I am a second year student at the United World College in Mostar. My main interest and favorite subject is Economics. I am planning to study Business & Management in university. I participated in last year’s MUN conference as a delegate and I am sure you will make most of the experience and unforgettable time you are going to spend here. This MUN Conference will give you the opportunity to use your knowledge and debating skills, and we, chairs, are here to help you engage in productive, educational and also fun debates with the help of the whole MUN team. I hope you will enjoy this MUN conference as much as I have enjoyed my previous ones and I hope you all contribute to make this conference the best one yet as it will be my last one ever before heading to college. We wish you all the best of luck before and during the conference and we are looking forward to working with you all very soon.

Ani Aghabekyan
UWCiM Student from Armenia, Class of 2016

Please download the topics guide here: WTO Topics Guide


General Assembley

A Word from the Chairs

Hello Delegates,

A warm welcome to Model United Nations at Mostar. I am Victor Nikhil Antony, and I am a Grade 11 student at THINK Global School; The world’s first traveling IB school. MUNiM has provided me with this great opportunity to chair the General Assembly at this Conference. Ever since I started MUN, I have always been inspired by the passion and drive of the delegates. I am looking forward to chairing a spontaneous, logical and profound debate at MUNiM.

As a MUN Delegate, You need to lift your critical thinking skills and diplomatic mindset to that of an actual UN delegate; This is how you will be able to actively and correctly represent your country’s position. For a informed and enjoyable debate, You must look at your country’s position from three lenses: Political, Economical and Social. This allows you to represent your country in a more rounded and mature fashion.

In the General Assembly, you will be debating an issue that is a potential threat to all the nations sovereignty and security; The topic for the General Assembly is ‘A global response to the threat of the Islamic State’

You will be assessed on your ability to make your fellow delegates see the issue from your country’s point of view. Spontaneity and Creativity will be the key to success in this committee. The delegates are strongly urged to come up with original solutions to the issue, rather than quoting the solutions already in place.

One advice I would like to impart is that you must research and prepare; meaning you need to know the geo-political, economical and cultural aspect of both the issue and your country, while knowing how to utilize this information properly.

I hope that you will use this conference as an opportunity to further your skills in diplomacy, public speaking, critical thinking and debating.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in Mostar.

Victor Antony
THINK Global School, Grade 11

Hello Delegates,

I am Samaya Prakke and I’m a Grade 11 student at THINK Global School. Along with my pier, I have been provided the opportunity to Co-Chair the General Assembly. As a part of MUN club since I joined THINK Global School, I look forward to our assembly at the conference and hope that all participating delegates learn and partake in the experience eagerly.

As has been mentioned by Victor, the chair of assembly, an MUN Delegate you must be willing and able to voice opinions on certain topics as per the views of your delegation. It is my hope that you do so and come well prepared in order to allow for a profound debate on the topic of, ‘A Global response to the threat of the Islamic State.

I look forward to seeing you in Mostar

Samaya Prakke
THINK Global School, Grade 11

Please download the topics guide here: GA Topics Guide


Security Council

A Word From the Chairs

Asalam-o-Alaikum Everyone,

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you all to the 2016 edition of the Model United Nations in Mostar Conference. My name is Raja Rafey and I will have the immense honor of serving as the chair for the United Nations Security Council at this year’s conference. I have been inspired by MUNs ever since I became familiar with the words ‘public speaking,’ and my history with MUNs testifies to this, having won multiple local and international MUN conferences. I am indeed looking forward to getting to know all of you and guiding debate on this fascinating topic.

As delegates of the Security Council you will be discussing issues of great importance and are expected to follow in the footsteps of renowned philosophers, thinkers, politicians and more importantly, diplomats. You shall be expected to rise to the level of discussion necessary to debate these sensitive yet complicated issues at hand. The Dais is confident that your resolution will be an intelligent testament of the enthusiasm that you put into your research, public speaking and the wish to lead.

We shall be judging you for your ability to lead without strong-arming others, not for making a group of people listen to you without effect. You shall be preferred over others for being an accepted leader, not one who enforces his wish, for your abilities in diplomacy and the extent to which you keep true to your virtues, both in and outside the committee.

Again, the importance of research prior to the conference is underscored. School is undoubtedly a busy time, but do keep in mind how much of an opportunity MUNiM is for polishing your skills as a delegate, a policy-maker, a diplomat, and a leader. The more time you put into research, the better you shall understand the committee, and the more interesting the conference will be for you.

That said, I look forward to meeting you in February, and shall be delighted to cheer you on come MUNiM 2016. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Warm Regards,
Raja Rafey
UWCiM Student from Pakistan, Class of 2017

Hello Delegates,

I am Muamer Brka and I will be co­chairing the United Nations Security Council at the Model United Nations in Mostar Conference. I am currently a firstie studying in United World College in Mostar. My first encounter with MUN was at UWCiM and I am an active member of the MUN society in our school. This is my first time chairing an MUN event and I hope that I will fulfill all your expectations from this council. I am very glad that I have the opportunity to chair a committee most of the MUNers think to be the most interesting, tough and fun committee of all.

I expect you to research the topic well and to be prepared to have a heated and lively discussion on our committee. Our topic in Security Council this year will be reformation of the latter. The Security Council itself is one of the 6 principal UN organs and at the same time the most important one. It is in charge of establishment of peacekeeping operations, the establishment of international sanctions, and the authorization of military action through Security Council resolutions; it is the only UN body with the authority to issue binding resolutions to member states. It has five permanent council members with the power of veto which is in the same time the biggest problem other countries have with the council itself. It gives enormous power to these members and reformation is there to fix this injustice without having anyone on the losing side. I cannot wait to hear your opinions on the topic set.


Brka Muamer
UWCiM Student from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Class of 2017

Please download the topics guide here: UNSC Topics Guide


World Health Organization

A Word From the Chairs

Dearest Delegates,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all and tell you how honored I am to be the chair of this council for this year’s MUNiiM. My name is Alisha Erozer and I am a second year here at the United World College in Mostar. I am originally from Barbados but have lived in Bradenton, FL, in the U.S. since I was seven years old. I am the current Student Representative and an avid leader of our debate team. This is my second year participating in MUN; at last year’s MUNiM I briefly co-chaired and guest delegated for the WHO and I look forward to facilitating debate and discussion around our topics for this year.

Esteemed Delegates,

My name is Hanna Bargheer and I am the co-chair of WHO. I am a second year student here at United World College in Mostar. I am Swedish and German but have grown up in Eastern and Southern Africa. Due to my strong interest in social sciences and theatre, I am actively involved and participate in World School’s Debate as well as MUN. This is my 5th consecutive year being involved in a Model United Nations conference, and my second year in the World Health Organization. Prior to taking part in MUN in Mostar, I have attended JOMUN; the largest Sub-Saharan MUN conference as a two time delegate for the Human Rights council.

Besides introducing ourselves, we would like to highlight the opportunity this MUN conference has to offer. We are looking forward to passionate discussion and working collaboratively with you to devise effective solutions in relation to the growing need for Universal Health Coverage. We hope you enjoy the conference to its full capacity and we look forward to doing so alongside all of you. When it comes to ranking delegates, we look for individuals who are well informed and who actively take initiative in the process of meaningful discussion and resolution-making.

We wish you the best of luck in the research process and are excited to meet you soon.

All the best,
Alisha Erozer and Hanna Bargheer
UWCiM Students from the USA and Sweden, Class of 2016

Please download the topics guide here: WHO Topic Guide


Human Rights Council

A Word From the Chairs

Distinguished delegates,

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Human Rights Council at Model United Nations in Mostar. My name is Åse Irene Døsen, and I will be your chair for the duration of the conference along with my co­chair Nikola. I am from a small town in the Northern part of Norway, although I had lived most of my life in Oslo before I moved to B&H last August. My whole life my main interests have been connected to the arts, such as playing various instruments, acting, and dancing. In school I consider visual arts, english literature, and global politics my favourite subjects, alongside the other five I take. My first experience with MUN were my first year of high school in Norway, and my interest was captured immediately. While I’ve always been active in discussions and debates, having a tangible resolution in the end is something that will forever intrigue me. Through my involvement I was allowed to travel to the Netherlands and participate in the largest MUN conference in the world, THIMUN. It was an unforgettable experience, and I believe this year's MUNiM will be so as well. Through solution­oriented debate I think we have the ability to cooperate and solve the surrounding issues of a topic that is still very much relevant and important in this moment. And with that, I wish you all good luck with your research before we meet in February.

Åse Irene Døsen,
UWCiM Student from Norway, Class of 2017

Dear Delegates,

My name is Nikola Boskovic and it is a privilege for me to welcome you to United Nations Human Rights Council. I was always interested in human rights, and therefore it is my distinct pleasure to be a co­chair in this council. I’m 18 and I come from a city in the northeast of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is my second year at UWC and for the time spent here, I was an active member of the MUN CAS and participated in two conferences: MUN in Mostar and OISMUN in Cairo. Apart from MUN conferences I took part in many human rights seminars, including International Peace Conference in Maastricht. When it comes to my school subjects I really enjoy English classes, while my free time, I spend LOVING ÅSE. In the fall of 2016 I am to become a student of Northwestern University where I plan to study journalism and continue my MUN career. I believe this council will contribute greatly to this conference and I wish you all good luck with your position papers.

Nikola Boskovic
UWCiM Student from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Class of 2016

Please download the topics guide here: UNHRC Topic Guide

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Rules of Procedure

Rules of Procedure 2016

Security Council Guidelines

Security Council Guidelines

Writing a Resolution

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UWC Mostar:

UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. Since 2006 UWC Mostar stands as a bright model for post-conflict education and reconciliation. Though national divisions in Bosnia and Herzegovina persist - we are still the only school in the country where Bosniak, Croat, and Serb youth live and go to school together - the college has affirmatively grounded itself in our community. And with nearly 200 students from 60 countries, staff from 10 countries, and with 608 alumni all around the world, the global family of UWC Mostar grows year by year.

MUN at UWC Mostar is taken on as a creativity CAS (A CAS is a program outside conventional academics) where its members and other interested students learn its procedures and participate in its debates. The MUN CAS takes place every Tuesday from 4 to 6 pm, and is organized by the efforts of the CAS leaders. It is also moderated by them during the first term. This year the CAS has 48 students, in total, attending the sessions. The MUN CAS sessions are usually interesting to watch becuse of the differet points of view brought up by the delegates. During the first term, we had ten sessions, as well as workshops on Writing a Position Paper, Resolution writing, and Researching. The members attended two lectures; the first one was a lecture by Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and the murder of PM Rafic al-Hariri in Lebanon, Mr. Serge Brammertz, and the second on the ongoing Columbian conflict. They also attended presentations on the procedures of MUN, and the procedure of the Interntional Court of Justice.

We learn in Mostar through late night talks in rooms, on walks from residence to school, sharing coffee with refugees in service activities, collecting oral histories for Balkan Studies projects, in buses traveling around the region for project weeks and, of course, through inspiring classes that aim to reimagine our relationships with facts and ideas that shape these worlds outside the classroom. While the International Baccalaureate forms the foundation for academics, any UWC Mostar student will tell you that the intellectual and emotional growth you undergo here cannot be contained by the IB. We are committed to the fact that learning takes place in the everyday.

At UWC Mostar, the city is our campus, and our campus is the city. Unique amongst UWCs, our students and staff live all around the city of Mostar. We share our main school building with the Mostar Gimnazija, one of the best secondary schools in the country. Our cultural performances are held in a city youth center. Teachers and students meet in local coffee shops to discuss academics and plan the community festivals we host for the community. Weekends at the Croatian seaside or music at the Sarajevo Jazz Festival are a short bus ride away. Integration and engagement are essential practices, core to our daily existence.

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